The Student Hotel Nederland

The Student Hotel Nederland

the student hotel nederland

The Student Hotel Nederland

The Student Hotel Nederland is the place to be I’f you’re Looking For Affordable place to stay The Netherlands. On Top locations in the centre of the biggest city’s.  Cheap and Great.

Look for Availability and best budget prices on The Student Hotel Official Booking Site

The Student hotel has multiple toplocations in Holland: Amsterdam City, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Maastricht. I’f you like to book a room for longstay or shortstay, The Student Hotel has the best Budget prices in Holland and is the place to be. The rooms look fantastic and clean.

room in the student hotel
one of the rooms in the student hotel

Long term booking or Short stay.

The Student Hotel Nederland has locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam en Den Haag (The Hague) can be book for long term but as well for short stay. The rooms provide everything you need. Hot and Cold shower, Clean beds, Hairdryer, Watercooker, Super Wifi. Its a place for students but also for professionals visiting Holland.

Look for Availability on The Student Hotel Official Booking Site

book a room at the student hotel
Area where you can relax and work

Cheap but Great

The student hotel is a place where everyone can be free, adventures and open. The design has been upgraded where students, travelers and professionals can come together. Fast growing hybride accomondation. There space to study, work and be creative.

The Student Hotel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has 2 locations of the Student Hotel in the City centre and one in Amsterdam West. Check Room availabilty

One is in the middle of the centre. The adress of Amsterdam City is: Wibautstraat 129, zipcode: 1091GL in Amsterdam. Book a room in the City Centre

the student hotel amsterdam city
Amsterdam City Building

The other location is found in Amsterdam West at the Jan van Galenstraat 335, zipcode: 1061AZ Amsterdam Book a room in Amsterdam West

The Student Hotel in Den Haag/The Hague

You can visit The Student hotel in Den Haag at the Hoefkade 9. Look for Availability on The Student Hotel Official Booking Site

the student hotel hoefkade 9
Student Hotel in The Hague

Did you know that the student hotel in the hague is close to Holland Spoor? One of the main trainstations of The Hague. Within 5 minuts walk you’ll arrive at the Student Hotel.

Cool rooms @ the Student Hotel

The reviews of previous guest is student hotel’s most selling point. with a google review rating of 9,2 is the Student Hotel one of the best rated Hotels in its field.

Easy to park parking or in dutch parkeren cost 15eu per night. Which is cheaper then normal parking.

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The Student Hotel is also to be found on Wiki.

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